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(the worldwide)SANDRA Fan Connection

  Sandra at Goldene Europa 4 jul 1992 the S.F.C. is the international information service about Sandra, Michael Cretu and his work for other artists ! Neither do we forget the musicians as Hubert KaH, Frank Peterson and Angel - Andy Jonas who contributed on the music of SANDRA.

Since 1989 is the S.F.C. the one and only reliable source for information as it is provided by fans for fans all over the world!

  Starting in 1989 by printing this information in our S.F.C.-magazines though since October 1995 after 14 magazines we made our information available on the Internet.
From June 1st ´97 also bringing fans in contact with each other by means of our S.F.C. "SANDRA-mailinglist".

After 1.5 years we ran out of space on Dataweb but were able to show from July 14th 1997 the extended S.F.C.-homepage at the new internet address at xs4all.
Introducing on October 12th 1997 live discussions by means of the S.F.C. ChatRoom and added the S.F.C. ICQ List to it on December 8th ! In October 1998 the first SANDRAnet message board/forum was created. Grown over the years to the most popular SANDRA fan discussion place in the world!

But as we were also running out on disk space on XS4ALL we looked around for other means... and were very happy that we could start in December 1998 with our services from our own webserver and with the domain name .
The live chat has in the meantime grown to a large fan community on IRC (Internet Relay Chat) at the Undernet network. The IRC #SANDRA channel became on June 10th 1999 officially registered by the UNDERNET Channel Service.

20 November 1999 was a sad day, our good friend Karina Boje and co-founder of (the worldwide)SANDRA Fan Connection died peacefully in a hospital after a struggle with her heart and lungs.

Another milestone happened on Feb. 23rd 2000. Again we needed to extend the size of our webspace. We made a upgrade from a small into a MEDIUM BUSINESS account !

In 2001 we doubled capacity again enabling us to re-design the website and extend its content further. Since 21 December 2001 the IRC channel #SANDRA is running on our own IRC Server, (port 6667).

2002 went smoothly and successfully we had highest visitor ratings ever in May 2002 up to 1500 unique visitors on 1 day. Because of this success we had to search on for more space. Which we found end January 2003. Unfortunately although installation went very smooth the server was down for a day due to DoS attacks and this server couldn't handle the large amount of traffic SANDRAnet generates.

So 4 February 2003 we had to switch again. Then came the people at super-hosts (Steve Gunnels) and besthost1 webhosting, they needed some time to make the server operate according our needs and wishes. We finally had the SANDRAnet website, forum and IRC server back running as before or even a little better then before !
Unfortunately it was all too good to be true, for the last 3 months SANDRAnet had to operate in a emergency setup after the account was completely deleted and the hosting companies were not able to bring SANDRAnet back. Neither so far our money that we paid for several years of hosting which not even reached its 1st month !!! The emergency setup was made possible by Harmen (Sigmo), Harry (HCW prod.) and many more people who we are very thankful for all their support and faith in SANDRAnet.
On May 26th we opened our new webspace at and hope this will end our problems.


On May 12th our IRC server (port 6667) was moved to Sigmo's own server in Holland and on May 14th a Norwegian sever linked to it and thus created the sandraCHAT IRC Network.


By the 27th of June (the worldwide)SANDRA Fan Connection web design team, made a whole new site, dedicated to the newly formed sandraCHAT IRC Network.


SANDRAnet is made possible thanks to Frank, Brontè, Harry, Larry, Ken, Ewa, Bee, Tommy, Pakis, Gosia, David, Johnny, Lucio and Arno. Not to forget the huge amount of true fans worldwide ! domains are registered and hosted by GoDaddy
* (the worldwide)SANDRA Fan Connection homepage is best viewed in 800x600 - true color (32 bit)! *

  Sandra with Michael at "echo '97"
from the CCH in Hamburg, Germany.

Sandra's public appearance at the
German music awards - march 1997.


Have you seen a television appearance of  Sandra in your country, read an article about her, noticed a single (from any artist) with the name of  Michael Cretu written on it, or just know some nice information... then don't hesitate but e-mail us immediately !!

the S.F.C.-calender:
-- --- 1989   the start of (the worldwide)SANDRA Fan Connection
-- Oct 1995   the S.F.C. on Internet at
01 Jun 1997   start from the SANDRA-mailinglist
14 Jul 1997   the S.F.C. on Internet at
24 Nov 1998   the S.F.C. on Internet at own domain !
10 Jun 1999   the S.F.C. IRC UNDERNET-channel #SANDRA get officialy registered
20 Nov 1999   Karina Boje died peacefully in her late 20s in a german hospital
23 Feb 2000   SANDRAnet from small into a MEDIUM BUSINESS account
21 Dec 2001   SANDRAnet on its own irc server:
28 Jan 2002   SANDRAnet also on irc server: now
26 Jan 2003   SANDRAnet grows further 10 times more webspace on new server
04 Feb 2003   SANDRAnet now much more webspace
26 May 2003   SANDRAnet finally at new host after been cheated by 'besthost'
Jan 2006   SANDRAnet may use enigma-fanclub account after many problems with 'worldwebhosters'
May 2006   SANDRAnet and SANDRAchat on new hoster "GoDaddy"
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