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Sandra at Templin - "hyperdancing" discotheque
by Sabine Döring for (and translated by) SFC-magazine

Sandra at Templin (Germany); On March 5th 1993 at the disco "hyperdancing".

In Templin my dream would come true. Sandra is coming, and gives a concert in Templin, in the north part of Germany. With three persons we wen there, an hour before entrance we arrived. It was cold outside, but we joint the row at the entrance. To warm myself I thought about Sandra.

Then finally at 8.00 pm the doors opened. The people (about 500) went in all wanting to have the best spot. An hour later the presenter told us that the attraction of the evening would not appear befor 10:00 pm. In the mean time they played dance-music and did little games to shorten the time.

Then at 10:30 pm, there she is (!), under a huge applause she came on stage.
The concert at Templin started of with the super hit "Hi! hi! hi!". Followed by hit after hit... "In The Heat Of The Night", "We´ll Be Together", "Maria Magdalena-techno remix ´93", "Johnny Wanna Live" and many many more.
Sandra looked great, she worn dark leggings with matching upper part, a dark blazer with white stripes at the front and the sleeves set off in wine-red. She sang as we often in half-playback and helt her microphone many times to the fan-public that in respons sang loudly with (to) her.
Time flyed, after 1 hour and 30 minutes and two encores Sandra said the public goodbye. The bis and encore shouts were endless.

It was a super concert from Sandra, and it was the first concert that i have been to, but I think it was surely not the last that i have joined. We all hope, that Sandra after her break will be 100% back in the music-scene.

SANDY, your fans will always be loyal to you!

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