3.The first word of the title of the book about Sandra.
6. The final song on the "Mirrors" album.
7. "There's a shadow of a man
At ...
Where he passed the moon"
8. "Fade away
My time in ... motion
Any day
When I hear you call
I tremble deep inside"
9. "Your love is like a knife
It's driven ... inside
I'd rather die than let it go"
11. The second part of the name of the band from Hubert Kemmler
12. The name of Sandra's dog.
14. Her first singles were released under name 'Sandra ...'.
16. "People crowd together
Why don't you take it
Wait a little ...
And see how they make it"
17. "I don't need to run for cover
... feel like I am home"
18. "I saw your face
And you saw mine
And then we ... much higher"
19."You came around here ...
And again you were so cold
I could see it in your eyes"
21. "Flying away
Mirror of love
It's caught in crystal ...
In the mirror of love"
24. "I wonder why you didn't call today
Every time it ... I start to pray"
26. Combine the missing letters to one word:
"I see a shining ocean
I see . ..y so blue"
27. The color of her eyes
31. "So many people ...
They know it all and disappear
They didn't know a thing
Wonders are happening
They said our love won't find away"
34. "Sun came up this morning
Broke into my ...
I turned the TV on"
35. "Hopeless, Is driving me mad
I'm talking about the fever
That burns in my ..."
36. "Dreaming the impossible
Crying for the moon
I keep the dream alive
I know you'll ... this too"
37. "And my ... are nothing more
Than a dream
Just like diamonds"
38. That's how her fans often calls her.
1. "... your eyes
Don't say goodbye
Son of a time machine"
2. "I'll be protecting you
From what you run ...
If you will hold on
Stop for a minute"
4. "So many people come and go
They can be mean but they won't ...
Smiling to all you've said
Talking behind your back
But I won't care for evermore"
5. "Darkness forever
Never-ending night
Flame in the ...
Water turns to ice"
6. The secret she discovered in 1988.
8. "I don't care what people think
It's just because I like the skin I'm in
Come what may my love is true
It's double ... when I'm with you"
10. "Close your eyes - how does it feel?
Can you be sure when you'll give in
If you do - it's ..."
11. "Child
A child plays in silence
Running wild
He's never coming home
... for a night"
12. "When you're a ...
Of the island-life
You feel so warm inside
Uh, heaven's child
Uh, here's what you find"
13. "Got to give his skin ...
For coats they wear on summer days
Oh no, Johnny wanna live"
15. "Walk of life
Feels so ...
And here's
The perfect place"
20. "And heaven can wait
Cause you're my ...
Heaven can wait"
22. Everybody has his own way to this country.
23. "I wanna know
Can you tell me
Why we have to be so ...
Do you know how deep it hurts
When love is leaving you"
25. "Just an ordinary day
An ... will pass away
Oh no, Johnny wanna live"
28. "There may be a trouble
There may be pain
But here I am
I am longin' for you
Tell me your ...
Tell me your dreams
I'll do everything for you"
29. The last word of the title of the book about Sandra.
30. What happens with shades in 1995?
32. "There will be joy and there'll be pain
You will find out it's just the same
This is your life that now begins
Here you belong my pair of ..."
33. "You'll be mine, you'll be mine,
But ... time
Seams to burn us up forever"

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