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SANDRA in Plock (Poland, 3 June 2006)
by Beata for SANDRAnet

A lot of people came to the Polish town of Plock to see SANDRA. They arrived from many places of Poland and even from other countries. Many of her fans got to know about her performance only 2 weeks before the concert. An event which has been organised by the Polish Oil Concern – "Orlen". Apparently at Orlen must be another fan of SANDRA.

The date: 3rd June 2006 – it’s going to be an unforgettable day for Polish fans as it was SANDRA’s second visit to Poland. With every minute the market square of Plock, where the stage was situated, began to fill up. Before SANDRA started her stage show she gave an press-conference for Polish radio stations. Some fans were allowed to take part in this conference and were allowed to ask her some questions. She was very open, hilarious and nice during the conference what made her fans happy. Many pictures were taken. It was a moment of granted wishes.

When SANDRA was leaving the conference she was surrounded by security guards and many fans asking her for her autograph. It was also the moment where she received from one of her fans a fluffy toy. The security guards followed her every step and the people were afraid that it was the last moment that they could see SANDRA face to face. All of a sudden SANDRA turned around, and with a smile on her face, asking her fans to follow her! She stopped on the other side of the railing together with her security guards and she started to give away autographs to everyone who was asking for it. She took also all the time needed for posing with fans, so pictures could be taken. It was an opportunity that all the fans gattered took by shooting as many pictures as they could.
Some people where with tears in the eyes from happiness. It was an very special and fantastic moment which the fans enjoyed very much. You could hear them saying: “I just can’t believe it! I got an autograph from SANDRA! I am so very happy!”.
There were fans at every age, and to my surprise even also very young SANDRA fans.

Then the moment came that her stage concert took off. It started with the intro of: “The Second Day”. You could hardly find a place to stand for yourself as the market square was so fully packed. The audience started screaming seeing SANDRA. They waved to her and called her name. It was amazing moment to hear the sweet and warm voice of her greeting the audience. During the concert she announced "the new album is already finished" a sentence which every fan of SANDRA was pleased about to hear !

SANDRA started her concert with the song "Maria Magdalena ’99". The whole crowd started to sing with her. Then we could hear the other SANDRA hits In the heat of the night, Little girl, Midnight man, Loreen, Stop for a minute, Everlasting love, Hiroshima, HI! Hi! Hi! And again Maria Magdalena ’99 (random order).
The audience almost exploded when SANDRA sung "Everlasting love". Seems it was the most favourite and known song. SANDRA danced, waving her hands in her special way. On stage with her were two handsome dancing guys, for one of them it was his first performance with SANDRA.
SANDRA promised at the concert to come to Poland again next year. Everyone rely on her promise !
We love you SANDRA and we want to see you once again in Poland and in other places of the world. Don’t stop singing. You have many many fans who love your music, which move our hearts.

Polish fans will never forget that 3rd day of June 2006! The day with SANDRA!

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