Book: Sandra - Stationen einer Karriere Book: Sandra

Siggi Niedergesäss: "Sandra - Stationen einer Karriere"
Book in German language (1992)
Tells the story of Sandra's life and career more detailed than the book from Katja Röcker but lacks some background information. Many rare pics, for example from Sandra's wedding!

ISBN 3-927801-61-5

Katja Röcker: "Sandra"
Book in German language (1993)
Tells the story of Sandra's career and portraits some of the people she worked with. Also provides a lot of background information. Great large pics but mostly older ones and many of them appear more than once.

ISBN 3-552-05090-6

Sandra - Phases of a career

Sandra - Phases of a career (Stationen einer Karriere), that is the name of a biography about Sandra which was already released in Germany in 1992. The author writes about Sandra's life from the beginning in 1976 up to the present and shows Sandra´s path to her big success with Arabesque in Japan, how she got to know Michael Cretu, how she became succesful by the song
Maria Magdalena her greatest succes first in europian countries and finally in Germany as well. Everything is explained.
The author writes about Sandras journey in 1986 where she flew over 73.000 km in oly five weeks, about her studies in London in 1987, her concerts in Moscow in the year 1989, her marriage with Michael Cretu and how she moved to Ibiza.
Also the book includes a chapter about Sandras attitude towards animals.
Many of the photos, inclusive some of Sandra and her parents are released for the first time in this book. This biography is not usual stuff which you can read about Sandra in magazines, it´s perfect.
It is the story of her success, often described in details, you get to know Sandra´s life like never before.
On her first videocassette Ten On One she already shows us a bit of her private life, but this biography is still better than the tape.

ISBN 3-927801-61-5 (written in German)
Edel Verlag.
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1993 black and white calendar
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1986 Songbook for piano and guitar playing


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