Sandra new CD in 2006
and single release this year

Sandra will do a duet with Swiss DJ Bobo for his upcoming album "Greatest Hits".
The song will be titled "Secrets of Love".

She had met Rene Boumann (Bobo) at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo.
When she was asked to do the song for his album she liked the idea immediately.
A sample from the song was introduced on the official bobo website on sunday 14 Aug from 12:00 - 17:00. You will be able to find this file back on various places on the internet.

With an expecting single release of this song a whole new SANDRA album is in the planning for 2006 too !

15 Aug 2005

Sandra on TV
RTL "Ultimative Chartshow"

Sandra will perform in this TV program 'the ultimate chartshow' on stage her hitsong "Everlasting Love"

broadcast date: 17 september at 21:15 on RTL

15 Aug 2005


"SKY Family Day"


SANDRA will be performing on stage along with many other stars of the past at the SKY (COOP supermarket) Family Day in Güstrow on sunday 12 June 2005.
SANDRA will perform midday at 12:00 on the main stage. Where she will be followed at 13:30 by Chris Norman and band.

Date: Sunday 12 June 2005 12:00 Güstrow (Germany) CANCELLED!

SANDRA on stage
"TV Show: Sound der 80er"

SANDRA will be performing on stage with the original Version of "Maria Magdalena" in the german (ZDF) TV show "Sound der 80er" (Sound of the 80s) on Thursday 27th of May at 20:15 .
In this program presents Andrea Kiewel popstars from the big stage at the "ZDF-Fernsehgarten" the ZDF broadcast park in Mainz
A 60 minutes open-air music show with German and International popstars from the eighties.

The show will be recorded on wednesday 26 May 2004 and starts at 21:15. Entrance from 19:30 ! Innerpart is sold out. Still tickets available for the outterring for 5 euro.

Broadcast date: Thursday 27 May 2004 20:15 ZDF (German Television)


Sandra DVD
"The Complete History"

The Sandra DVD "The Complete History" shows all videos, material out of Arabesque times, and also 2 songs out of the period when Sandra made records in german language many, many years ago.

release date: 8 September 2003

26 June 2003                  more...

NEW Compilation CD

Compilation CD released in the "Essential" special priced CD series...

Release France: 25 March 2003
Release Greece: 26 March 2003
European release: 1 April 2003

1 March 2003                  more...

Andy Jonas about...

Andy Jonas gives his opinion about...

Any plans in the future for singing with SANDRA/ENIGMA again?
You never know what the future will bring, why not.

Did you make also a german version from "I Close My Eyes" ?
No. To my opinion SANDRA sings it very good.

Is there more to expect in the near future from your hand for SANDRA ? Or backvocals ?
At the moment there is nothing planned, let see what happends... but you can never know for sure.

7 March 2003

Current single

"I Close My Eyes", see discography for more information.



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