Subject: CD Series Essential
Date: March 2003


A "new" compilation CD to be released on April 1st 2003 in the "Essential" special priced CD series from about 50 artists...
The SANDRA CD is nothing more then a re-release from "18 Greatest Hits" with a cover design for this "Essential" series.
Why this CD is printed as an "dirty" CD release with its copy protection system is a big questionmark as "18 Greatest Hits" is wide spread released and re-released for many years and several times already.
It seems the music industry still doesnt understand why its CD sales are bad.

01. Maria Magdalena
02. In The Haat Of The Night
03. Little Girl
04. Innocent Love
05. Hi! Hi! Hi!
06. Loreen
07. Midnight Man
08. Everlasting Love
09. Stop For A Minute

10. Heaven Can Wait
11. Secret Land
12. WeŽll Be Together
13. Around My Heart
14. Hiroshima
15. (Life May Be) A Big Insanity
16. One More Night
17. DonŽt Be Aggressive
18. Johnny Wanna Live

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