Secrets of Love - Title

DJ Bobo & Sandra - Secrets of Love (2006)
DJ Bobo Records
edel 0003035MIN
5" CD single (Germany)

1. Secrets of Love (Radio Version) 3:17
2. Secrets of Love (Club Mix Radio Edit) 3:59
3. Secrets of Love (Club Mix) 6:42
4. Secrets of Love (Instrumental) 3:19
+ Bonus Video: Secrets of Love (Quicktime Format) 3:19

(taken from the album "DJ Bobo - Greatest Hits")

Released March 3rd, 2006

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Secrets of Love Quote

Secrets of Love:
Music & Lyrics: René Baumann, Axel Breitung
Produced by René Baumann, Axel Breitung
Remix Production and additional vocal recording by Jens Gad at GADSTUDIOS.COM
Video by Robert Bröllochs
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Entered at No. 14 on March 13th, 2006

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