TV- and radiopresentor Carlo von Tiedermann called them at the nord-german radiostation (NDR) the "promise of the season" - a special title for a group that nine months earlier were only known by insiders.

The first single "Stop! Girls Go Crazy" of the band Moti Special from Hamburg (Germany) draw attention by mouth to mouth advertisment. This worked out great as the 2nd single "Cold days, hot nights" brought the quartet in the high regions of the German chart. The pressure that this hit succes brought, to produce an even succesful title, was soon disappeared: Also "Don't Be So Shy" could hold itself in the race for the hit places.

Michael Cretu (1957, Keyboards), Manfred "Thissy" Thiers (1951, Bass and vocals), Nils Tuxen (1949, Guitar), Dickie Tarrach (1944, Drums) have grounded "Moti Special". Indirectly they are represented in the hitparade over many years, as studio musicians they were with their background music the basis for the great successes of ´Alphaville´, ´Peter Cornelius´, ´Boney M.´ and lots of others. On the whole the four helt themself discretly on the background.

Michael Cretu
Michael, who has his own recordingstudio in Munich, annoyed himself, that several good demo-tapes of the quartet were lying to get mould in his drawer.
After about a year they found the time in their over scheduled agenda to use studiotime for their own purposes.

Dickie and Thissy are friends over a couple of years. They played once together in the Hamburger rock-band "Randy Pie". Dickie, in the 60´s also drummer of the famous "The Rattles" (the German Beatles), had also his own ´Rhytmn´-project under the pseudonym "Tarraco".
Dickie Tarrach

Michael came in 1975 from Rumania to Germany and passed his music-study with credit. Shortly his solo-album "die Chinesische Mauer" (German lyrics) and "the Invisible Man" (English lyrics) are released. The last one also in England.

Nils Tuxen
The most active guy of the band is the Dane Nils Tuxen. He is "beside it" lawyer and chairman of the Danish "KODA".
If there remains by so many activities outside of the band a bit of time, when the first gig´s start and TV and radio not allow any rest ? Thissy about that: "I think, that that is a question of coordination".

Thissy by the way came up with the name "Moti Special" during a visit to a indian restaurant in London. The sharp spiced " special"-dish of the house was the cause of it all.

Tissy Thiers

International succes motivate, and since august 1985 the first LP (& CD) of "Moti Special" with the title "Motivation" has been released.

Source: Translated from German "TOP Schlagerheft" nr.130, october 1985; "Star des Monats" (Musikverlage Hans Sikorski)

    In 1990 "Moti Special" has been reformed without Michael Cretu and Thissy Thiers.
    In 1998 a Megamix has been released from the original 1985 songs!

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