Michael Cretu (*born 18th May 1957 in Bucharest, Rumania) came to Germany at the beginning of the 1970s and began a study in classical music in Frankfurt, what he finished with an examen. During that period he played in several groups to earn money for his study.
  He got to know Frank Farian an worked in 1979 for Boney M. "Oceans Of Fantasy" and Cherry Laine "I´m hot". The same year he had the chance to show his talent in producing for Dave Meany´ s "That´s All".
In 1980 he went to Munich where he produced Peter Cornelius´ albums "Der Kaffee Ist Fertig" (1980), "Zwei", "Reif Fuer Die Insel", "Ohne Filter" (1982), "Fata Morgana" (1983) and "Suchtig" (1984).
picture: michael cretu
After a long break they met again for a new album in 1992 "Cornelius + Cretu". This time they both composed, wrote and sang the songs. Until 1984 Michael Cretu composed for numerous German acts as Chilly, A La Carte, Precious Wilson, Peter Kent, Che & Ray, Hubert KaH, Juliane Werding and many more... (see related artists).
After this he concentrated on Sandra, whom he got to know in 1982. In 1988 they married on Ibiza where they are living now and have their own studio there.
Apart from his works for other acts, Michael Cretu released also some albums under his own name:
"Moon, Light & Flowers" (1979), "Legionare" (1983), "Die Chinesische Mauer" (1985) & "The Invisable Man" (1985).
In 1985 he made also a album with Thissy Thiers, Nils Tuxen and Dicky Tarrach as "Moti Special" called "Motivation".
The biggest succes came with Enigma and the album "MCMXC a.D." (1990), which made him one of the most succesful international stars - the album became No. 1 in 24 countries, 17 times platinum, 25 times gold - and in the USA as well gold.

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