Latest Hubert KaH CD: "Seelentaucher"

June 2005

2005 GER

14 tracks:
1.No Rain (Original Mix)
(music:L/ Kemmler/ Kaufhold/ Jones/ Blank, lyrics:L/ Kemmler/ Kaufhold/ Jones/ Blank)
2.Psycho Radio (Radio Edit)
(music: A. Slavik/ H. Kemmler, lyrics:H. Kemmler/ S. Kemmler)
(music:U. Herter/ H. Kemmler, lyrics:H. Kemmler/ S. Kemmler)
4.Military Drums 2005
(music:M. Cretu lyrics:S. Müller-Pi)
5.Lass Mich Traumen 2005
(music:Hirschburger/ Löhr/ Kemmler, lyrics:H. Kemmler)
(music:V. Barber/ H. Kemmler ,lyrics:H. Kemmler)
7.Ich Bleib Bei Dir
(music:M. Nägele, lyrics:K. Schröder)
8.Alles Klingt
(music:H. Kemmler, lyrics:H. Kemmler)
9.Wenn Der Mond Die Sonne Berührt (Live) feat. Julia
(music:Hirschburger / Löhr / Kemmler, lyrics:M. Killer / H. Kemmler)
(music:H. Kemmler, lyrics:K. Schröder)
11.Fels In Der Brandung
(music:V. Barber/ H. Kemmler, lyrics:H. Kemmler)
12.Willkommen Im Leben
(music:D. Kawohl/ H. Kemmler, lyrics:S. Kemmler/ K. Schröder)
(music:Arias,Pedro Pablo Milanes, german lyrics:T. Drücker/ P.P.M. Arias)
14.Die Erinnerung (feat. Purpur)
(music:S. Zickenrott/ T. Drücker, lyrics:S. Zickenrott,S./ T. Drücker)

Latest Hubert KaH Single-CD: "No Rain"

June 2005

No Rain
2005 GER

4 tracks:
1.No Rain (Original Mix)2m56s
2.No Rain (Chill Mix)6m27s
3.No Rain (Album Version)5m47s
4.No Rain (Munich Sound)5m45s

Hubert KaH Single-CD: "Love Chain (...Maria)"

Nov. 1998

Love Chain (...Maria)
1998 GER
Polydor 567 023-2

6 tracks:
1.Love Chain (...Maria) (Radio Mix)3m43s
2.Rosemarie "98 (Video Mix)3m18s
3.Maikäfer Flieg (Hubert Kemmler at the age of 15)3m18s
4.Love Chain (...Maria) (Kaos Club Tune)6m43s
5.Love Chain (...Maria) (DJ Lee vs DONS Club Tune)6m24s
6.Rosemarie "98 (DONS vs DJ Lee Brutal Club Mix)7m13s

Der NDW-Kult-MixSingle-CD: "Hubert KaH mix"

Nov. 1998

Der NDW-Kult-Mix
1998 GER
Polydor 567 973-2

3 tracks:
1.Der kurze NDW-Kult-Mix 4m13s
2.Der lange NDW-Kult-Mix 6m37s
3.Der längste NDW-Kult-Mix 11m44s

Hubert KaH CD: "Best Of"

October 1st, 1998

The new album has been released !! We regret the terrible cover design which gives it more a cheap-CD look then one of a great compilation of Huberts best songs ever which it certainly is ! With 20 tracks and a 1min35sec pre-hear version from the coming (october 26th) 'Love Chain' single-CD release!
The 16 page booklet itself is extremly nice, a history in pictures and articles, etc about Hubert KaH.
The album contains his songs from the early german NDW days until his latest solo album. Missing though is the in 1985 released single "Goldene Zeiten" !?!? And the english version from "Engel 07" is not among either ("Angel 07") but it does contains 2 english versions from the early NDW songs "Rosemarie" ("Rosemary") and "Sternenhimmel" ("Scary Monster"). Not to forget to mention one previously unreleased track which is among "Ich Schenk Dir Meine Millionen!". For sure "Best Of" gives a nice view on the development of Hubert KaH from the early days in 1982 until today !

  • Best Of
  • 1998GERPolydor 559 309-2

    "BEST OF Hubert Kah"
      1. Rosemarie - 12. Midnight Sun
      2. Sternenhimmel - 13. C´est La Vie
      3. Einmal Nür Mit Erika- 14. Love Chain (partly preview)
      4. Engel 07 - 15. Sailing
      5. Wenn Der Mond Der Sonne Berührt - 16. Voyeur
      6. Solo Tu - 17. Lass Mich trämen
      7. Limousine - 18. Radio
      8. Something I Should Know - 19. Ich Schenk Dich Meine Millionen!
      9. Military Drums - 20. Rosemary
    10. Welcome, Machine Gun - 21. Scary Monster
    11. So Many People

    Hubert KaH singleCD: "Sailing"

    1997 GER
    Polydor 573 455-2
    4 tracks:
    1.Sailing (Away From Me) 4m29s
    2.Sailing (Away From Me) (radio version)3m49s
    3.Sailing (Away From Me) (waberintro version)4m50s
    4.Sailing (Away From Me) (old drum version)4m50s

    music:Hubert Kemmler, Dietmar Kawohl
    lyrics:Susanne Kemmler, Michael Kunze
    Publ.:KaHzille, Naiad-music, Rotino (Polygram)
    Arranged by:Kristian Schultze, Armand Volker
    Drum programming:Lothar Krell (versions 1-3)
    Recorded and mixed by:Armand Volker (versions 1-3 with Alex Catarinelli)

    Hubert KaH CD: "Hubert KaH"

    Hubert Kah is the title of the latest brilliant Hubert Kah album.
    Although we don´t see the names of Michael Cretu and Klaus Hirschburger and find Markus Lohr only by the details about the song ´Schlaf Ein´. It nevertheless has become also without them a terrific album.
    The music for almost all tracks are written by Hubert Kemmler with Dieter Kawohl. The lyrics of all songs are written by Susanne Kemmler.
    Great numbers are surely "Flower In The Snow", "Fortress Around My Heart" and the only German lyrical song "Schlaf Ein". But also the more´commercial´ song and currently released as single-CD "C´est La Vie" is very nice ! If you like the latest Enigma album then you will like without any doubt this album too !

  • Hubert Kah
  • 1996GERPolydor 533 563-2

    "Hubert Kah"
    1. Sailing (Away From Me) - 7. Fortress Around My Heart
    2. I Came To You - Oriental Moon - 8. Is This Love (Sweet Delusion)
    3. Prelude Pour Mme S. - 9. Schlaf Ein
    4. Flower In The Snow - 10. The End Is Near
    5. Only Dreaming - 11. Mountains And Sea
    6. C´est La Vie

    Hubert KaH singleCD: "C´est La Vie" (re-released)

    C´est La Vie
    1996 GER
    Polydor 575 643-2
    4 tracks:
    1.C´est La Vie (radio edit)3m38s
    2.C´est La Vie (extended version)4m35s
    3.C´est La Vie (inner vision)4m12s
    4.C´est La Vie (phantoms in my head)4m31s
    music:Hubert Kemmler, Dietmar Kawohl
    lyrics:Susanne Kemmler
    Publ.:KaH-music, Rotino, Siegel.
    Produced byArmand Volker, p 1996 Polydor GmBh Hamburg
    Musical direction:Andi Slavik
    Arranged by:Christian Schultze, Armand Volker
    Drum programming:Armand Volker, Eric Bond
    Orchestral transcription:Hermann Weindorf
    Orchestral partsplayed Vienna Symphonic Orchestra
    Conducted byClaudius Traunfellner
    Recorded atJugendstilsaal, Vienna d.i.-Studio and pilot studios, Munich
    Female vocals:Susanne Kemmler (appears courtesy of MCA)
    Mixed atPilot studios Munich


    Polydor records has re-released several "old" Hubert KaH albums.
    For the first time on CD are his early "Neue Deutsche Welle" albums:

    Ich Komme
    Meine Höhepunkte Mit Rosemarie

    And re-released are the Cretu CD´s:

    Goldene Zeiten
    Sound Of My Heart

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