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  • Hubert Kemmler

    hubert kemmler


  • Hubert Kemmler
  • Singer/ Keyboards/ Songwriter
    before 1995
  • Hubert Kemmler
    21.3.1961 (Tübingen - Germany)
    Singer/ Keyboards/ Songwriter
  • Klaus Hirschburger
    2.4.1963 (Reutlingen - Germany)
    Bass/ Songwriter
  • Markus Löhr
    14.3.1963 (Reutlingen - Germany)
    Guitar/ Keyboards/ Songwriter
  • invisible 4th member:
    Michael Cretu

    18.5.1957 (Bukarest - Rumania)
    Keyboards/ Arranger/ Producer
  • The members of "Hubert KaH", Hubert Kemmler - Klaus Hirschburger - Markus Löhr, were one of the main pilars behind "SANDRA". On the album "Close To Seven" is Klaus mentioned by nearly all titles, but they are also active for other artists;


    Year Title
  • Einmal Nür Mit Erika.../ Für Die Nacht
  • 1982
  • Einmal Nür Mit Erika... / Für Die Nacht (fold out)
  • 1982
  • Rosemarie/ Du Bist So Schön
  • 1982
  • Sternenhimmel/ Tanzen Gehn
  • 1983
  • Scarey Monster (Monstruo Asustadizo)/ Sternenhimmel (SPAIN only)
  • 1984
  • Engel 07/ Rhythmus A Gogo (red vinyl)
  • 1984
  • Wenn Der Mond Die Sonne Berührt/ Südsee (red vinyl)
  • 1985
  • Angel 07(edited)/ Angel 07 (extended) (Japan only)
  • 1985
  • Goldene Zeiten/ Millionen (red vinyl)
  • 1986
  • Limousine/ Drowning (red vinyl)
  • 1986
  • Limousine/ Drowning (diff. cover - EEC)
  • 1986
  • Limousine (edited)/ Drowning (red vinyl)
  • 1986
  • Something I Should Know (remix)/ Lonesome Cowboy (red vinyl)
  • 1987
  • Military Drums/ Explain The World In A Word (red vinyl)
  • 1989
  • Welcome, Machine Gun/ Help Me Through The Night (red vinyl)
  • 1989
  • So Many People/ Sound Of My Heart (red vinyl)
  • 1995
  • C´est La Vie
  • 1996
  • C´est La Vie (re-release, diff. cover)
  • 1997
  • Sailing
  • Ich Komme
  • 1982
  • Meine Höhepunkt Mit...
  • 1984
  • Goldene Zeiten
  • 1985
  • Angel 07 (Japan only)
  • 1986
  • Tensongs
  • 1987
  • Tensongs (special edition - +1 track)
  • 1989
  • Sound Of My Heart
  • 1990
  • Best of... Dance Hits (USA only)
  • 1996
  • Ich Komme (CD release: 1996)
  • 1996
  • Meine Höhepunkt Mit... (CD release: 1996)
  • 1996
  • Goldene Zeiten (re-release: 1996)
  • 1996
  • Tensongs (re-release: 1996)
  • 1996
  • Hubert Kah
  • ´Lory´ Bonnie Bianco

    On the album "True Love, Lory" from 1988 is one title from the hands of Hubert KaH:

    - You Wear My Heart Out

    music: Hubert Kemmler, Markus Löhr
    text: Klaus Hirschburger, Hubert Kemmler, Lory Scott

  • True Love, Lory
    1988 Germany
    CD: WEA 243 868-2
  • Freiheit / Münchener Freiheit

    The album "Traumziel" from 1986 has been recorded among others at Michael Cretu´s "Data Alpha" studio in Munich. On this album are 3 songs by Hubert Kemmler.

  • Es Gibt Kein Nächstes Mal (Strobel-Zauner/Kemmler-Müller)
  • Mach´s Die Augen Zu (Strobel-Zauner/Kemmler-Müller)
  • Venus Und Mars (Strobel-Zauner/Kemmler-Volker-Müller)
  • On the Münchener Freiheit album "Purpermond" has Markus Löhr done the additional programming for the song "Verlieben Verlieren (rhythm remix)".

    But also on the tv-theme-song "Liebe Auf Den Ersten Blick" (the title from the German-ZDF-television show with the same name) the song contains text & music from: Kemmler-Löhr/Zauner-Strobel.

    G A G U !

    In 1982 "Hubert KaH mit Kappelle" had a German hitrecord with the song ´Sternenhimmel´. This song has been covered in 1996 by the group "Gagu!".

    music: Ulrich Herter, Hubert Kemmler
    text: Hubert Kemmler, Claus Zundel

  • Sternenhimmel
    1996 Germany
    5"sCD: Columbia 662945 2
  • Nicki

    On 22nd februari 1999 Virgin records released the album "Zurück Zu Mir" from Nicki.
    This album shows a whole new Nicki, with happy, sentimental and paranormal lyrics she shows that the Bayern girl has grown up now. For this positive change of style is no one less then Ulrich Herter responsible. To make this album a succes he went to Hubert KaH´s Markus Löhr (Guitar/ Programming/ Music) and Susanne Kemmler (lyrics). But also Luci van Org (Lucilectric) wrote the great songs "So Viel Mehr", "Mir Allein" & "Weg". Wolf Maahn texted "Küss Mich In Die Sterne". But Nicki (her real name is Doris Hirda) wrote the text and music of the last track on the album called "Ich Denk Zurück".

    music: Ulrich Herter, Markus Löhr
    text: Susanne Kemmler, Luci Van Org, Wolf Maahn, Barbara Wanner, Jochim Gaiser, Doris Hirda (Nicki)

  • Zurück Zu Mir
    22 feb 1999 Germany
    CD: Virgin 7243 846842 2 8
  • see also: Michael Cretu related artists.

    Sally Oldfield

    Released as single and on the album from Sally Oldfield "Three Rings", we can find this title from the hands of Hubert Kemmler and Markus Löhr:

    - Summer Of Love

    music: Hubert Kemmler, Markus Löhr, Andy Slavik
    text: Hubert Kemmler, Sally Oldfield

  • Summer Of Love (special radio edit)
        / Survival/ Summer Of Love (album version)

        BMG 74321 21427-2
        1994, Germany
  • In the accompanied booklet from Sally´s CD we can read "special thanks from Sally and Männi to"... "...and to hubert for a great song"

  • Three Rings
        Three Rings/ Digging For Gold/ The Blessing/ Summer Of Love/ Healing Light/ Survival/ Summer In My Hand/ Sending Messages/ Twilight Zone/ Merlin´s Song

        BMG 74321 19594 2
        1994, Germany
  • Juliane Werding

    Juliane Werding´s German hitsong "Der Himmel Sweigt" contains on the 5"sCD also a track from Hubert Kemmler ! The song is titled "Katzen In Der Sonne" (4´32) Hubert has done the music part, the text is written by Michael Kunze who was in those days Julianes regular textwriter.
    You can find the title also on Juliane Werding´s CD "Zeit Für Engel". The CD contains even an other title "Vielleicht" with music by Hubert Kemmler and Markus Löhr. The text is also done by Michael Kunze.

    By the way the 1991 song "Avalon" (German lyrics) is certainly a must have for "Sandra"-style music lovers.
    This song is from the album "Zeit Nach Avalon Zu Geh´n" which also contains the song "Nur Noch Der Mond" a title with music and lyrics co-written by Hubert Kemmler. This song appeared in a shaped coat as "Mountains And Sea" on the 1996 "Hubert KaH" album.

    * 1990, Katzen In Der Sonne (hubert kemmler/ michael kunze)
    * 1991, Nur Noch Der Mond (h. kemmler, d. kawohl/ h. kemmler, j. werding, a. bärtels, a. volker)

  • Der Himmel Schweigt (extended version)
        / Katzen In Der Sonne / Der Himmel Schweigt (single version)

        WEA 9031-72099-2
        1990, Germany
  • Zeit Für Engel
        Zeit Für Engel/ Vielleicht/ Ich War Nicht Allein/ Mitternachtsball/ Wofür/ Der Himmel Schweigt/ Strasse Ohne Ende/ Der Schwarze Gast/ Katzen In Der Sonne/ Das Wasser Des Lebens

        WEA 9031-72345-2
        1990, Germany
  • Zeit Nach Avalon Zu Geh´n
        Avalon/ Rote Schuh´/ Schöne Frau´n Einmal Nur/ Zeit Der Banden/ Aus De Tiefen Der Zeit/ Schön Wie Die Nacht/ Nur Noch Der Mond/ Wieder Zuhaus/ Wölfe In Der Nacht/ Der Schatten Malt Den Teufel An Die Wand

        WEA 9031-75634-2
        1991, Germany

  • Slavik... Kemmler (Susanne Kemmler)

    Beside writing the songs for the latest Hubert KaH album she has also released records by herself although together with Slavik Kemmler. In 1994 "CLose To Heaven" together with Andi Slavik ! Some great credits to mention about this song is that the music has been written besides Andi Slavik by Inga Humpe and Hubert Kemmler !! The lyrics are done by Susanne together with Hubert.

  • Close To Heaven (radio mix)
        / (smooth edit)/ (enlightenment)/ (extended version)

        MCA MCD 31748
        1994, Germany

  • Two Of Us

    Another rare cooperation is that of Hubert Kemmler for the band "Two Of Us".
    Which he produced together with Ulrich Herter (or-Musikproduction).
    "Two Of Us" (formerly known as "Kiz") consists of James Herter (lead & backing vocals, keyboard and guitar) and Thomas Dörr (lead & backing vocals and drums).
    But another Hubert KaH name participating on their albums is that of Markus Löhr !
    On the first "Two Of Us" album ("Twice As Nice") is one title from the hand of Hubert Kemmler:
    Two Of Us - 3´57
    (music:U.Herter/H.Kemmler, text:T.Touchton)

    On the 2nd album is also one, only this time he done lyrics (!) :
    Another Way Of Livin´ - 4´31
    (music:U.Herter, text:T.Touchton/H.Kemmler)

    But a song of a extraordinary high quality is without any doubt "
    My Inner Voices". Its a huge surprise the song didn't made it to a worldwide hit record ! Something they did manage with the song Blue Night Shadow from their first album.
    Also on the second album is the song "Love Is So Sensible" which we knew already from Huberts album "Tensongs".

  • Twice As Nice
    1985 Germany
    Blow Up INT 845.514
  • Inside Out
    1988 Germany
    Blow Up INT 845.525
  • single releases KIZ:
  • Die Sennerin vom Königsee/ Mein Herz Ist Klein
  • 1982 Germany CBS A 2899
  • Reisefieber/ Oho... (Stewardessen fleigen hoch)
  • 1983 Germany CBS A 3420

    album release KIZ:
  • Vom Königsee... In Ferne Länder
  • 1983 Germany CBS 25 528

    single releases Two Of Us:
  • Blue Night Shadow/ Blue Night Shadow (Part II)
  • 4/85 Germany Blow Up INT 110.568
  • Two Of Us/ Neige d´Amour
  • 10/85 Germany Blow Up INT 110.574
  • Generation Swing/ Million Dollar Girl
  • 1/86 Germany Blow Up INT 110.583
  • Love Is So Sensible/ Sensible Theme
  • 9/86 Germany Blow Up INT 110.700
  • We Got To Break It Out/ Starlight Starbright
  • 4/87 Germany Blow Up INT 110.714
  • My Inner Voices/ The Smallest Planet
  • 3/88 Germany Blow Up INT 110.742

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