Sarah Brightman

She comes from Great Britain and her voice sounds like that of Kate Bush, her name is Sarah Brightman and she is one of Frank Peterson´s productions. When Sarah was 18 years old she already had her own dancing group Hot Gossip with which she recorded a single called I Lost My Heart To A Starship Trooper, after that she sang songs of her ex-husband Andrew Lloyd Webber for example the song Memories from the musical Cats. In 1992 you could see her during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Barcelona, toghether with Jose Carreras she sang the song Amigos Para Siempre.

In 1993 she brought out a song called Captain Nemo which is produced by Sandras former keyboarder Frank Peterson. With backing vocals from Gregorian´s Sisters Of Oz. Her album Dive which she produced with Frank is just brilliant(!), romantic melodies and marvellous sounds make you feel like in a dream, just listen to songs like Island or La Mer and you´ll fall into trance. On the album there are also two already well known songs.First is the second record of Gregorian published in 1991:Once In A Lifetime.

Second is no other song than Sandra´s Johnny Wanna Live, although it doesn´t sound much like Sandra's version as it's more slow and the melody has been changed in some parts, but nevertheless this version isn´t bad at all, on the conterary. You´ll surely will like it !

This lady will cause more stir in the future as she has a great talent...

She is hitting the charts since march 1997 in whole Europe with Andrea Bocelli and the song "Time To Say Goodbye (Con Te Partivo)" with the sub title "A Tribute To Henry Maske". The song has been recorded and produced by Frank Peterson.

Later that year she recorded a new album with Frank "Timeless" and a single title from this classic album has been released "Just Show Me How To Love You" !

November 23rd 1998 she released her surely great album called "Eden".
On December 10th 1998 she received at the 30rd edition from the German Music Awards "Goldene Europa" an award for "Künstlerin Des Jahres International" (International female artist of the year).

(Sarah Brightman at the Goldene Europa,Dec 10th 1998.)

From the album "Eden" are in Januari 1999 the song "Eden" and in July 1999 the song "Deliver Me" released on singleCD.

On April 25th 2000 her album "La Luna" has been released. Backvocals by Princessa, Eve and Sarah Brightman. Frank Peterson played 'additional keyboards' and contributed for production, arrangements, enginering and mixing. The CD booklet is beautiful as its printed on plastificied glance paper.

Summer 2001 saw the appearence of the compilation album "The Very Best Of 1990-2000" or maybe better had been called "the Frank Peterson years" with 16 gorgeous songs which we know so well.
On September 3rd 2001 the new DVD has been released "La Luna, Live in Concert" with 89 min. concert and 90 min bonus features with among the videoclip "A White Shade Of Pale" and many background footage.

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