A nice young lady with a magic voice

She was born on 18th May as third generation from a family of musicians and singing has always been her passion.
As little girl she already accompanied her father to his rehearsals. Her professional career started at the age of 10 when she recorded her first LP with X-mas songs in a more up to date style. 
One of the highlights of her career so far was the Festival of Acapulco 1994 in Mexico she took part in and became also famous over there. 
(Picture: PRINCESSA performing in Brussel (Belgium)) 
In Spain she is a star since she conquered the hearts of the public with her ´93 smash-hit "Rojo y llanto", taken from the album "PRINCESSA" that is produced by Frank Peterson .
He discovered her when he heard her voice and liked it so much that he decided to produce her. Together with Matthias Meissner and Thomas Schwarz he composed 12 songs which are perfectly made for the soft but yet powerful voice of Princessa.
In May '96 Princessa released her first song in English "Calling you (A message from love city)" which is taken from the second album that is also titled "Princessa". It contains 18 tracks in English and Spanish and is again produced by the same team as the first including Alex Christensen, better known as U96...
With this second album Princessa reached the highest chart positions in Scandinavia and did several weeks of promotion over there. In Finland she finally received her first golden record for over 12.000 units sold and even in Japan where "Summer of love" is the first single-release she's climbing the lists.

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